Mr. Parkinson brings 20 years of venture capital, financial management and business incubation experience to the Fund. In addition to serving as a Principal of Hopewell Ventures, he also serves as a member of the general partner of Adena Ventures, L.P., a New Markets Venture Capital Company.

Prior to joining Hopewell, Mr. Parkinson served as Executive Director of the Evanston Business Investment Corporation (EBIC), a successful seed and early-stage venture capital fund affiliated with Northwestern University. At EBIC, he negotiated, managed and harvested more than 30 early-stage equity investments, including two that completed Initial Public Offerings.

Mr. Parkinson earned his Bachelorís in economics from Northwestern University and his Masterís from Northwesternís Kellogg Graduate School of Management. He teaches university courses on entrepreneurship, venture capital and business planning.